Roasted Cauliflower Mock Rice

Mock rice made with cauliflower is a great alternative to rice. With 25 calories per 100g of cauliflower compared with 125 calories per 100g of steam white long grain rice, it's a no brainer that if you are counting calories or looking for a low carb alternative, mock rice is the way forward. Actually, even … Continue reading Roasted Cauliflower Mock Rice


With my trusted Thermomix as my sous chef, I have complete confidence in my passionate quest to spread the word about the incredible flavours of Singapore's national dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice. So join me at Tann Rokka for the Pop Up during the Primrose Hill Fair. Relax on the bridge at Chloe's Espresso.  Come experience the flavours. Once … Continue reading HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE POP UP