We went on a two week holiday to beautiful Studland Bay in Dorset.  My husband, daughter, her friend, my son and my Thermomix!
The compact TM5 is a kitchen in itself.  Packed neatly in it’s own bag in a corner of the boot, it came on the drive down with our luggage and then slotted in nicely in the kitchen of the cottage we’d rented.


With the aid of the oven, kettle and toaster at the cottage, the TM5 created wonderful wholesome casseroles, soups, hot chocolates, fresh bread and cakes with local ingredients bought at farm shops.




We did have delicious meals out at The Pig on the Beach and Shell Bay but produced equally exquisite meals at the cottage effortlessly.  It was such a pleasure to buy fresh eggs displayed on farmhouse doorsteps, fresh meat and vegetables from farm shops at the end of wonderful walks on beaches and cliffs and effortlessly create lovely, satisfying meals. The money we saved eating in over the two weeks could have almost bought another TM5!

I even cooked chicken biriyani and dhal for 8 people when friends came to visit and it was a doddle with the onions, garlic and ginger being chopped in 4 seconds and the chicken being cooked to perfection, not to mention the neatly cooked fluffy rice!.  That was lunch.  After a three hour walk we came home to banana bread and carrot cake and hot chocolate made in the Thermomix.  We were having such fun that before we knew it, it was dinner time and my Thermomix made Creamy Courgette Soup from the Basic Cookbook Recipe Chip which stores 200 recipes directly in the machine so you don’t need a physical book.  If you can’t or don’t like cooking the chip gives you all the instructions on the screen so anyone, and I mean anyone can do it!


Right, I’ll stop raving now and leave you with the wonderful views of Studland Bay and Old Harry Rocks.  Just two things left to say:  Buy a Thermomix and take it on holiday and go to Studland Bay and enjoy! imageimageimageimageimage

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY HOMAGE

  1. So inspiring! I can’t wait to take my new Thermomix on our next self-catering holiday after reading this. 🙂


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