img_2305Black rice is called Pulut Hitam in Malay and Kavuni Arisi in Tamil and in China was known as Forbidden Rice as it was only allowed to be eaten by royalty or the very wealthy.  It is sticky and lends itself deliciously to desserts sweetened with raw sugar and  coconut milk and in Thailand is eaten with fresh mango.  If you haven’t tried it you don’t know what you are missing! Continue reading


Kaya is originally a Hainanese spread best described as coconut curd. A sublime combination of coconut milk, sugar and eggs. Kaya on toast with a couple of very soft boiled eggs and a cup of local coffee is heaven.  It was eaten at coffee shops in Singapore known as kopitiam since as far back as 1919.  Since 2000, it has been popularised by the chain of coffee shops in Singapore and now Malaysia and Australia called Killiney Kopitiam 


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Simply Syrup



This post is going to be  short and sweet. It reflects how simple making syrup for cocktails is in the Thermomix.

200g raw sugar, 240g water. Cook for 5 mins / 100C / speed 2. Pour into sterilised bottles. Add dried chillies, vanilla pods, star anise  to flavour as you will. Seal when cooled. Keeps for months!

Self wash the TM bowl for 1 min / 60C / speed 6.

Done. Short, simple, sweet.