Wild Garlic, Priceless Neighbours & TM5

IMG_0851I met my new neighbour two doors down just before he moved in.  It transpired this is his second home.  He and his wife have a house in Leicestershire too.  In the course of conversation he mentioned they had an acre of land covered in wild garlic.  I remember reading about wild garlic making a delicious pesto and told him so.  He offered to bring some the next time he came down.

When he texted to say he was coming down the next weekend I was in despair. I wasn’t going to be around!  Luckily, I had left my Thermomix with my immediate neighbour to play with in my absence.  This is a tale of why good neighbours and Thermomix are priceless: Continue reading


The ‘tring’ of a bicycle bell always reminds me of the Bread Man of my Singapore childhood. A wrinkly but ageless Chinese man with a wide, gentle smile that reflected a very kind soul.

The tea chest attached to the back of his bicycle was a treasure trove of baked delights. Crusty baguettes we called elbow bread with his home made kaya (local coconut curd) was a tea time combination made in heaven. Sweet, fluffy brioche and a white bread that was crust off and cloud soft are delicious memories. The treat of all treats for me were his red bean buns sold in batches of nine. Continue reading


I created this salad whilst practising the process of blanching vegetables taught to me by fishmonger Nic Rascle  during a photoshoot at his shop La Petite Poissonnerie in Primrose Hill.  He had a huge pot of water boiling and another full of ice and water to stop asparagus cooking beyond 45 seconds.  Precision is everything for the perfect emerald green preservation of colour and crunch. Dunk, time, scoop, plunge.  It takes concentration, coordination and agility to get the veg out in time. It can be a bit like a stressful lucky dip trying to grab all the beans out at once! Continue reading