About Me


I’m Aruna.  I am passionate about inspiring others to discover the wonders the Thermomix.

As an independent Thermomix Advisor I will not only help you to get to grips with set up and using all the functions, I will also be on hand to help you with recipes and tips and ideas as well as assist you with any hiccups you may have. I run cooking sessions as well teaching tips and tricks and adapting your own recipes for the Thermomix. Please do join  my exclusive FB Group  if you do not have a Thermomix advisor already and are interested in finding out more and being inspired by creative cooking with or without a Thermomix.

For more information, do contact me and I will be happy during lockdown to do a virtual demonstration for you of the TM6.  If I’ve  already told you about the Thermomix and you wish to purchase one after your demonstration in your own time, you can do so here, quoting my ADVISOR NUMBER: 210220672 when prompted.   I will be happy to do you a further virtual demonstration with you once your TM6 arrives so you become confident with it.

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