img_2348This is really an addendum to my post on cooking forbidden rice in the simmering basket. I was so excited at an added advantage of cooking it this way I simply had to share it straight away!

After posting the blog on Facebook, I had several comments, mainly from friends in Australia who said they loved black rice sushi. This made me decide to use up the remaining 200g of rice in the packet and make this glutinous rice with less  water than I had added when making it as a pudding to see what happened.

I put 200g of rice in the simmering basket and followed the same method of cooking basmati in the simmering basket, namely by adding just enough water to the TM jug, with the rice in the basket inserted, so that the water just covers the top of the rice.

The result? Perfect sushi consistency rice!


Now, the fact is that this in itself does not warrant a post if it’s own. When making rice in the Thermomix using the simmering basket you are left with a starchy liquid (great to thicken stock or use in soup) as the rice does not absorb all the water; rather, it is “washed” with 100C water as the blades spin.

When I made the rice the day before as a pudding,  I poured that residual water in with the rice to give it more of a rice pudding consistency. This time, as I wanted the rice less gooey, I added less water so the residue was thicker and looked like a beautiful deep purple molasses.


This is what warrants a post of it’s own. The purple molasses is quite strong and bitter on it’s own. But…..


I added some oat milk to a teaspoonful and it created a wonderful drink! This is going to be a great addition to smoothies. I’m sure with some raw sugar added to it it will make a delicious pancake or ice cream topping too. Maybe even a sorbet.  I love my Thermomix!


All you Thermomixers please do try it and tell me what you come up with!

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