I do love fishcakes. Tend not to make them often. Hate the telltale fishy waft hours (sometimes days) after cooking so I avoid pan frying fish. Don’t like fishy smelling hands after handling it raw either.

For days my fussy eater 17 year old had been harping on about fish cakes. For as many days I found excuses not to do them.

Ran out of excuses. Got the fish out as well as some of my homemade Tikka Paste (made in the Thermomix – it is the best make once a month condiment!).

Once again, my Thermomix has me saying, “Fool! Why didn’t you try this earlier?!”

I threw all the ingredients in the TM bowl. It took six seconds using the “Turbo” function to chop and mix ingredients. Yes, SIX SECONDS.

And it is not mushy because? The blade on the Turbo setting is fine tuned to go to the highest speed (10) for split seconds (half, one or two – you choose) so the ingredients are chopped (not blended) to perfection.

Then, to avoid touching the fish mixture (I hear all you Master Chefs groaning and see your rolling eyes. I apologise – just being honest – I’m squeamish!), I used a silicone spatula to scoop enough out to fill a small bowl. I then tipped the contents out onto oiled grease proof paper.

Again, using the spatula, I flattened the top and patted it into a nice neat circle.

I brushed the tops with olive oil and baked them in a pre-heated 180C oven for 20 minutes.

No photos of the cooked cakes because they were devoured! They don’t look as good as shallow or deep fried fish cakes or fish cakes coated in breadcrumbs. They are not a light as fish cakes bound together with cornstarch, potato or egg. The flip side is I used very little oil to cook them, they are so quick to make, are gluten, egg and carb free and they still taste amazing! And my kitchen doesn’t smell!

A brilliant new addition to the quick dinners list to make me appear goddess-like to non Thermomix users! And just think: instead of Tikka Paste, add a Thai, Cajun, Mexican, Chinese, Middle Eastern or other cuisine equivalent and you have an international recipe!

Oh, and a quick 60 sec self wash of the TM bowl at 60C at speed 6, with a drop of washing up liquid before putting it in the dishwasher, ensures there’s no fish smell in there either!

Just when I think there are no more time and effort saving discoveries, my Thermomix finds another show stopper to get excited about! Three years on, the love affair continues!

If you are not familiar with the Thermomix, want a demonstration? Contact me (details above). No obligation, just lots of enthusiasm!

And right now, till the beginning of February you have the chance to buy this amazing (approx) 30x32x41 cm kitchen (well, not quite: you will need a chopping board, knife, bin and oven!) on a 10 month interest free plan! Don’t wait…. this is the kitchen of the future! That’s my plug done!


500g cod (skinless and boneless fillet)

1 heaped tbsp Tikka Paste

Small handful of coriander leaves

8-10 green beans cut into thirds

1/2 tsp salt

Olive oil

Preheat oven to 180C. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and lightly brush paper with olive oil.

Put all ingredients in TM bowl. With MC on, set to Turbo and blitz on 1 second intervals 5 times. Lift MC and peer in. If need be do 1 more second to make sure it is chopped but no more!

Using a silicone spatula, scoop some of the mixture into a small bowl and gently firm down. Invert the bowl onto the baking tray and let the moulded mixture drop out. Using the spatula, gently flatten the top and round the edges into a disc. Repeat till all the mixture is used (I made 4 large and 2 medium patties). Brush the tops with olive oil. Roast for 20-25 minutes. Serve as you will!

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