In 2010, in a bid to keep my (then) 10 year old from getting bored during the summer vacation, we embarked on a project to cook from scratch and one of the items on the list was pasta.

It was fun and we made pasta a number of times.  For a little while. Not long though.  I got fed up of cleaning the floury mess on the work surface and the floor and the stairs where the flour on the floor was trailed up. Not to mention the scraping off of sticky bits.

I packed away the pasta machine when we moved home 5 years ago. I got my TM5 3 years ago but never bothered making pasta because:

a) I couldn’t find the handle for the pasta machine and

b) I hadn’t completely forgotten the chore of clear up.

Well, all that changed yesterday! The handle for the pasta machine had been in the utensil drawer all the time. When moving things around in the kitchen I spotted the pasta machine itself and united it with its missing arm and had a go at making pasta.

The recipe is in the Basic Cook Book that comes with the TM5 and on the Cook Key for step by step instructions. Weigh directly into the TM bowl 300g 00flour and 70g fresh spinach and mix 20 secs/speed 9.


Then crack two eggs into the bowl and weigh in 15g extra virgin olive oil and set the TM5 to knead for 2 minuets.


Tip the crumbly mixture onto a sheet of cling film, gather the dough together into a ball, cover and leave to rest 15 minutes.


No mess. And perfect pasta which needed no more than a fine dusting of flour when rolling it through the pasta machine. Delicious. Why did I wait so long to try it?

Want to check out how amazing this appliance is? Contact me!


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