It has been a long long time since I wrote a post but I have a good excuse!

Long story short, I had surgery to remove a myxoid cyst at the end of May and what should have taken 6 weeks to heal has taken far longer (such a long story not worth going into but plastic surgeon has a lot to answer for!).

Anyway, I have had to be careful about using my hand. Typing was an issue for some time but because I have a Thermomix, cooking wasn’t!

You may think that this means I was still doing all the cooking as a good wife and mother would …. well, I wish I was so dedicated but will put my (bandaged) hand up and confess: I’m not that person!

The best thing was this: with the Thermomix I could and did cook but a lot of the time I sat back and the rest of the family (most of whom generally couldn’t be bothered to cook) pitched in and with the Cook Key had access to 22,000+ recipes and cooked incredibly delicious meals guided on screen step by step so mistakes didn’t happen! And everything in the kitchen remained neat and tidy (mostly!).

And the other amazing thing: they really got into it and now don’t think twice about volunteering to cook!

And one more amazing thing. I was the butt of many a “Thermomix fanatic” joke bandied about largely by my 22 year old son.

Well, look who’s talking now; he has just moved into his own flat and what do you think he has asked for? Exactly! “I will use it because it is quick and easy and I won’t have any money to eat out now that I am paying rent.” So, along with his collection of electric bass guitars (that cost twice as much as the Thermomix), being the good mother I can be, I have packed him off with a TM5 in the full knowledge that this is the kitchen of the future and he won’t be relying on expensive, unhealthy junk food!

This post is a short one to say I am now back on track with typing and cooking (a bit more experimental than full fledged) as the wound has finally started to settle down (just) and I have come up with some amazing dishes using the Thermomix to simplify things and will be posting again so do stay on board please!

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